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Remote Backup

Just one very important part of your overall disaster recovery planning needs!

It’s not a good feeling; you enter your office in the morning and step into puddle of water. Overnight a water pipe broke in your office and now your network server is under two inches of water. Did you take a copy of your backup offsite last night?

Off-site backup solutions are critical to handling the disasters where your typical backup solution cannot protect you. Such as natural disasters and hardware theft. Being able to have that piece of mind of knowing that even if something should happen to your place of business, all of your important data and information is still safe and sound off-site.

Adding consistent off-site data protection is critical to your disaster recovery plan. There are many ways to accomplish this and protect your data. There are remote solutions from Online-backup providers that send your data over the internet, to local solutions that our powerfully proactive IT business experts can rotate during your schedule service visits.

Your remote support and off-site solution should provide a way to recover from natural disasters, theft, fire, water damage, and employee malice. By itself, an off-premise storage solution is not the way to protect all of your data. Together with an on-site backup solution and rotations of backup sets to a local facility, remote backup services must be an integral part of your disaster recovery plan. Our certified technicians can easily assist with setting up a plan and customized solution for you and your business that will provide the most beneficial and optimal disaster recovery plan for you and your business.

Our plans are as low as $1 per gigabyte per month. Most companies have less than 100 GB of critical data that must be protected from any disaster scenario so piece of mind is often only $100 per month.

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