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Call us for all of your Hardware or Software questions. If we don’t know the answers, we can point you in the right direction quickly and easily.

Since Dell and Best Buy began cornering the hardware and software sales market, it has become extremely difficult to offer products at competitive prices. The margins are razor thin. As a result, we do not actively market products to companies or schools that we do not have a relationship with. It just isn’t a smart business model. However, offering products to existing clients adds a convenience factor to both you and RCS that is well worth the lack of profit in that market. For example, if you have to run down to Best Buy to pick up a new switch or a wireless router (both products under $100), you have to have an employee leave what they do best and waste at least an hour, maybe two, to pick up something they may not know anything about. This also increases the likelihood that they will pick up the wrong product that requires another trip to the store. If you explain your needs to one of our certified technicians, we will provide the proper part delivered to your door and installed for the same price as the big box stores without the hassle.

The same goes for purchasing systems from Dell. Most companies that buy from them have had the uncomfortable experience of their website based up-charges for items that are often unnecessary. Often, our clients that prefer Dell products will have us spec out the system on their website and then use their own credit card to make the purchase. We can then come in when you receive the computer and integrate it into your environment.

Not wanting to waste your time, our powerfully proactive IT business experts will bridge the gap between the business vision and IT performance by going the extra mile and keeping you at the center of everything they do. By dealing with the technical support individuals from Dell, Best Buy, and any other supplier you may use RCS technicians create a dialogue that then allows them to obtain the exact product you and your company needs without you even having to deal with the headache of trying to understand and have attempt to have the patience with these notorious employees. The RCS Way is more then just providing quality IT support services and setting up computers for you. It is about connecting and taking the guesswork out for you and your employees. It is about providing the type of managed IT services where not only do we sit down with you and find out the exact product you and your office needs, but we also go out and buy the item for you and then come back to set it up and ensure everything is up and running without you ever having to second guess or question whether what your buying or doing is right or not. After all that's what professional IT consulting services and solutions is all about isn't it?

We offer competitive pricing on hardware and software that is available at retail outlets but we add value by providing IT support services that they can’t or won’t provide. Our managed IT services for our valued customers is a convenience to them and to us, not as a means to make huge profits. I’m sure you have your own stories about experiences with these other guys.

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