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RCS has 20 years of experience working with Independent Schools all over the country. Call us for academic support such as teacher training or for administrative support like database management and purchasing. We have the experience you need and the proactive IT consulting your school will thrive with.

An expertise that is unique to RCS is not only our understanding of businesses but our understanding of schools and educational services as well. Technology not only supports the administrative functions of the school or district, but is a key component of the pedagogy and culture of a campus. RCS has played a key role in developing technology programs for numerous schools as well as providing sound proactive IT solutions and extremely beneficial IT support services. In addition to years of experience working with schools, our Educational Consultants stay current with the constant changes in the field. The impacts of online/distance learning, Common Core and Standards-Based Grading, Blended Learning, STEM, and Data Management/Security are but a few of the topics that are critical for every school to address. RCS has been very successful in working with schools, independent and public, to navigate the challenges that are now part of the rapidly changing educational environment. With technology constantly changing and rapidly become more and more integrated into our lives in and out of schools and work, it is important to keep up with the ever evolving and transitioning gadgets and programs so that not only you thrive but also your students and school as well.

Our Educational Team works with each school to develop the right solution for each campus. We find that by developing relationships with our schools we are able to provide superior customer centric services and computer solutions. RCS employees eagerly go out and assist schools of all sizes and varieties, and with our certified technicians RCS guarantees you and your school will be satisfied with the IT support services we provide.

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