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Managed IT

Reduce Down Time and Save Money!

Our Managed Services Program is the most cost effective method of keeping your computers performing the way you need them. It reduces down time and takes the gamble out of your IT budget. In the old days, you used to wait until something broke before calling an IT company. Now, with the help of advanced technology, we call you when something isn’t working right. RCS provides you with options to repair the problem and you choose the computer solutions that are right for you.

Services Provided

24/7 Monitoring
We use state of the art monitoring technology to keep an eye on all of your critical network devices. We use a combination of tried and true cutting edge technologies that enable us to find problems with networks and systems before they create down time for you. In fact, we are usually the first one to know if you are experiencing performance problems or if your server will not be online when you get to the office this morning. We can be waiting on your doorstep when you arrive to take care of the problem or we can even work remotely and text you on your cell phone to see how you want us to handle the problem. You decide how you want us to help you.

Remote Diagnostics
We use the most up to date and secure method of connecting to your computers to diagnose problems that may not require an on-site visit. Contact us to get in touch with a fully trained, courteous, and efficient technician or engineer. We never connect to your system without your approval or knowledge and we are always willing to work around your schedule.
Just another one of our services that sets us apart from the competition!

Emergency Response
We maintain our staffing levels such that in the event of any emergency, we are able to respond immediately. That usually means first checking the problem remotely and then dispatching the most appropriate technician or engineer to quickly fix whatever went wrong. Most of the time, we respond within minutes even if you need us outside of normal business hours for repair services.
We work around the way you do business. Not the other way around. Just try to get our competition to do that!

Scheduled Visits
Scheduled Visits are an extremely important aspect of Managed IT Support Services. This allows us to physically work with systems to determine the extent of any potential problem. Often, this is where problems are discovered before they create down time for your company or school. Along with remote monitoring, being on-site gives us the insight we need into how you do business and how you use your IT assets. We can then help you organize and utilize those assets as well as soon as possible! So schedule an appointment today!