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Cyber security has been a constant concern for several people across the globe. Recently, especially in 2017, so many new and dangerous ransomware viruses have been created and spread across the web. With all of these security breaches, data loss, and phishing email scams its no wonder why everyone is on such high alert and becoming paranoid.

We hear at RCS understand how tedious and overwhelming it can be to have to consider every possibility for your business making sure nothing slips through the cracks. With our partners like Sophos and Datto that specialize in disaster recovery, RCS wants to provide the right type of security for you and your business. From huge outbreaks such as WannaCry and Petya, to the not as commonly known dangers of phishing emails and Cerber, we will help to develop a plan of defense and recovery for your data so you can rest easy and focus on what you do best with your business.

So what can you do right now though to start your disaster recovery strategy and jump-start your security? A few steps to get you started on the path to security are:

Understand how different strains of ransomware work

Ensure everyone in the company is aware of recent threats

Know what software you have and utilize the proper security settings

Tighten restrictions and user access to shared files and drives

Create consistent and frequent backups of data

Start creating a plan of defense and recovery with your IT consultants

The most important step out of these is to make sure you and everyone in your company understands how viruses like ransomware works. To help clients to understand as much about ransomware and the different types of strains that are out there our partner Datto has put out useful materials and blog posts that break down the most common dangers on the web and what they do here.

Whether you’ve started these steps, finished them, or haven’t begun RCS is here to assist. We will go out and from our partner’s products find you the most affordable and appropriate software that will do everything your specific business needs. If you want to ask a few more questions or need a little more guidance on what next step you should take go ahead and give us a call and we will be happy to give you a free consultation! Don’t wait and keep you and your data safe.


By Resource Computer Solutions